Is it me or has teen pregnancy become less taboo? I mean, there’s now a movie about a pregnant teen that is extremely popular, a new television…

Is it me or has teen pregnancy become less taboo? I mean, there’s now a movie about a pregnant teen that is extremely popular, a new television series on the usually conservative ABC Family about a pregnant teen, and even situations in schools where masses of 16 year olds get pregnant.   Now don’t get me wrong, I love Juno – I even bought the movie the day it was released on DVD and I have a love affair with Juno star Ellen Page – but does it send the right message? The message I get when I look past the witty dialogue is that if you get pregnant, don’t worry because you can just go through the immensely difficult path of giving your baby up for adoption all the while saying delightfully hysterical dialogue. Honest to blog, we have more stuff having to deal with pregnant teens out there than we have about having safer sex.  I’m not saying you can make a movie about having safe sex that will appeal to the public, but maybe occasionally TV/movies can actually show the characters practicing safe and responsible sex before jumping in the sack.   I think another thing that really disillusioned teens about the seriousness of teen pregnancy is Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant at 16 because she’s a pregnant teen mother and seems to be doing just fine so that means it’ll be okay for me. We have to remember that not all of us are part of the Spears family (and we should thank our lucky stars) because Jamie Lynn can easily hire a whole staff to care for the baby while she moves ahead with her career and life thanks to her hard earned cash.   For most of us once a baby is in the picture your own life is put aside for at least 10-15 years. Everyone should be educated about safe sex instead of having a continuous chain of unplanned pregnancies where someone has to stop living their lives to care for a helpless mini-you begin to live theirs. Let me know what you think about Hollywood’s effect on the seriousness of teen pregnancy.   – Ruben

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  • Eva

    While I agree that the media/celebs can “desensitize” a person to things such as teen pregnancy, I don’t agree that Juno supported the idea that it is easy if you get pregnant. I felt that it was more about a girl trying to make the best of a bad situation and learning that even though things don’t always turn out as planned there are still good options (for example, still giving her baby to the woman even though she was now divorced).

  • Ruben

    Okay, so I may have been a little tough on Juno but I was trying to make a point. Juno is a pretty interesting teen and all I’m saying is that for most teens it would be a little harder to give away their baby. I still love the movie ans feel Juno really stuck it out no matter what.