Arguing with my mom is possibly the worst thing that can happen on a good day for me. There’s just something about it that wrecks my entire day,…

Arguing with my mom is possibly the worst thing that can happen on a good day for me. There’s just something about it that wrecks my entire day, though I’m not sure if it’s me feeling angry at her or feeling sorry because I had made her angry. I would think it’s a teen thing, picking arguments over small matters to attempt to get across feelings on a big issue though I find it funny that adults still do the same thing. People pick at things, though I think it would just be better to say what we really think. … Just not to our parents’ faces. They don’t like to be scared senseless with our thoughts; we don’t like to be scared senseless either by loud voices or passive aggressive remarks. So which road do we take: the high road, full of silent bliss in the face of anger; or the low road, full of matched volume and bitterness. Neither works for me. Either way I come out the loser. How about you guys? I just wait for those golden opportunities for peace called ultimatums. Taking them really gives you the upper hand. … Only if they don’t follow through.   – Eric

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  • Naseem!

    Arguing with parents is awful whether it’s a good day or not. Like you neither option works for me; staying quiet makes them say stuff like “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” and arguing back explodes into The Land of Awful. The worst is I cry when I’m frustrated, and every time I do it’s “DID YOUR PARENTS DIE?!!” It just makes me feel worse since I can’t control it and they pounce on that. So usually I just storm off to my room to cool off for a while.

  • Eric

    I like to cool off too, but then I’d rather stay mad at times as I think that that uncomfortable feeling that hangs around the next few days is one of the worst things I can experience. Yeah… Fight yesterday. The DO YOU UNDERSTAND kept popping up, along with the the cut off when you do start talking followed by talk of their wanting to smack you across the face. I want to say that I don’t want to be that kind of parent but I bet it’ll happen. Though I’ll see…

  • Michael k

    Hmm well both of my parents are completely different so when I get in a fight with one of them the other one is still on my side. And about 95 %of the time its me and my mom against my dad, she’s too nice too me for me to ever get in a serious fight with. I think that a lot of the problems that occur between me and my parents are a result of the friction that we all feel during these last few months at home before i leave out. I feel that once I leave home my relationship with my parents will improve dramatically. There wont be arguments over when i should be home, and how i should act. i don’t really have any intentions of moving back into this house after I leave it, and that may be something that you have your own opinions on. I know that some people will return home after college. And that most of us can hardly plan that far ahead. But I get the feeling that once i’ve gotten that responsibility and freedom in not going to want to come back.

  • Adangely

    Hahaha… it’s funny how im not the only one. I’ve tried both methods and as for you guys neither worked for me. When i stayed quiet my mother would just yell to me “ARE YOU LISTNEING? RESPOND!.” and when I’d yell it would just add to the chaos. The thing i hate is that somehow im always made to be the bad guy; everyone says shes a great mother why do you treat her like that and truth is it’s easy to say that when your not in my position. Im up to the point where her presence annoys me.