Thank you for skimming over my application file for which I’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and in many cases, money. I have finished reviewing all…

Thank you for skimming over my application file for which I’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and in many cases, money. I have finished reviewing all the cheaply-sent rejection letters you have all sent me in which you all seem to have used the same template. I regret to tell you that your letters are not in any remote sense consoling and have been haphazardly burned/thrown out/shredded fiercely for the sake of my mental health.   This was not a difficult letter for me to write, because I know that at most I am just another statistic to you and that my application file for which I spent 124 hours on is now languishing among the other 13,499 applications you threw in the circular file (trash). I faced many difficult choices in deciding which of your ridiculous—excuse me, “eccentric” and “off-beat”—essay question(s) to respond to and pored over all 10 of my essays in the hopes of impressing you, and I regret that I could not sway you enough with my words, “admirable” credentials at school and extracurriculars, nor impress upon you how much this actually meant to me.   I know it is never easy for you to send these rejection letters because in your admissions committees’ subconscious you know that of the 13,500 or so people you rejected there are probably quite a few of those poor souls who you will in the future regret to have ultimately rejected from your list of notable alumni because they will probably bitterly satirize you in some way or form. The Rejected Student appreciates the compliment of the facade that you were interested in me as a student and offers its best wishes for a successful and memorable year of missing out on my brilliance.   Expect an angry letter to arrive in your mailbox.   Sincerely,  untitled3 A. Sauer Graype aka Allyson Head Student of Underachieving Affairs

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  • Robert

    Couldn’t agree more. Have been rejected by the three Universities that I wished to go to, Oxford, Durham and Edinburgh. This despite 4A’s (History, Ancient History, English Literature and Theology), a distinction at AEA, the finest leaving report of my year at my school and an excellent academic reference and personal statement. It is worth nothing as everyone seems to have four A’s now due to grade inflation. What hurts most is that half my A-Levels were not worth anything in regards to their subjects and were merely grand exercises in regurgitation where if you thought you failed. I recognised this and as such aimed to give myself an education to my satisfaction through great amounts of reading and cultural activity. I had heard from multiple sources on the great dearth of good students at British universities. However, that is irrelevent if the university do not accept you in the first place. I suspect it was due to GCSE marks which never concerned me in the past because I plan do take a degree in history and not chemistry. This has been a blow and I am undergoing a crisis in self-confidence as I see history as my purpose and had the ambition of attending one of those three universities throughout the period of the past workaholic three years, and as such see that work as a complete waste of my adolescence. The most difficult aspect of the whole business is not to let the chip on the shoulder affect me too greatly, particularly as when confronted with the deserving recipients of thirds that they let in over me.

    Passif Agressive.

  • Allyson

    Robert, it is unfortunate that those universities did not admit you. The application review process for higher education seems a bit of a mystery (and perhaps a bit randomised in certain cases, which can lead to unnecessary heartbreak for many).

    The situation with A-levels and their equivalents (such as AP in the US/Canada) is, I feel, in need of reform. Though I agree that some attempt to have objective standards for these so-called advanced level tests be made, it should not be so standardised as to be what it has become: info/fact regurgitation. I don’t know exactly how these systems can be reformed, but I feel that they should be at some point so as to prevent this from happening.