I was having some trouble with…

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I was having some trouble with thinking of a blog topic, so I asked a friend — what is there to write about that relates to youth? Being a part of the youth, sometimes it may be difficult to think of things relating to us because it all seems so natural. However, my friend suggested for me to write about self expression as my friend is obsessed with Glee and Lady Gaga — recently brought together in an episode of Glee. A lot of teenagers are in the process of finding who they are and even older individuals may be looking for who they are because what you decided earlier in life may not always stay forever. Personally, I have no idea what I’m going to be or where I am going either, but I’m going along and doing what I can for now. Unlike in Glee or with Lady Gaga, our lives might not end up glamorous and whatnot, but what I believe is that as long as you try your best, wherever you end up, it will be satisfactory knowing you’ve done all you can.
– Vivian

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