The topic of drinking and driving is not a…

photo courtesy flickr user enggul

The topic of drinking and driving is not a new topic and its dangers have been discussed for a long time. However, it is still happening and leading to accidents, especially amongst teenagers. Why? Well, first of all, people tend to overestimate their ability to drive after consuming alcohol, rather, people become less cautious overall when intoxicated. With teenagers, they don’t know their limits yet so it makes it even worse because they don’t tend to know when to stop or even if they’ve had enough alcohol to make them unable to respond as they usually do. Even if you seem completely sober, chances are, with alcohol in your bloodstream, your ability to control your limbs or your reflexes will be significantly affected in a way that will hinder your ability to drive. So next time you’re bringing the car out with some friends and you see that alcohol is out – STAY AWAY!

– Vivian

photo courtesy flickr user enggul

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