Drug usage amongst teenagers is not a…

photo courtesy flickr user lordkhan

Drug usage amongst teenagers is not a strange or new phenomenon. As Ruben explored in the recent Switched-On article, there are more and more ways for teenagers to get their hands on a variety of drugs and oftentimes their friends are involved in getting them into drugs. Some people may be taking drugs to avoid their problems in reality while others are just in to seem cool and think it’s fine to get their friends involved too — well, to tell the truth, it’s not. Drugs will not help you magically solve all your problems, it’s only adding to it. Drugs are not cool because it’s damaging your health and it could lead you to do things you will end up regretting so don’t join the bandwagon of drug usage. In fact, try and get your friends out of it — talk to them about their problems, find local resources to help them deal with the withdrawal effects of drugs, and give them your support during the quitting process. Start your own bandwagon — a non-druggies one.

– Vivian

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