A father’s dedication to his family/son is in the…

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A father’s dedication to his family/son is in the news for how much he’s giving up for his son. In order to see his son play at the World Cup, the father quits his job after being denied time off. Of course, this may seem to be an exaggerated case with World Cup being such a big event and the honor of being involved is much greater than any other game; however, how many fathers/mothers would actually give up something to support their family at such events? In America, family ties seem harder to strengthen due to the emphasis on individual success as well as financial needs. Due to these emphases, family gatherings are minimized, and in some families, family dinners are rare as well with focuses on work and individual schedules. For instance, if their son/daughter had a performance at a show, would they stop their work for one night just to go and support them or would they just say they’re too busy to show up? What would you do?

– Vivian

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