So – I heard it was Father’s Day this…

photo courtesy flickr user gilzee

So – I heard it was Father’s Day this Sunday? Huh. Yeah, I didn’t know either. Was there some announcement I missed? Well, no use crying over spilled milk, right? I wonder if my dad even knew. Father’s Day just doesn’t have the ring to it that other holidays have. It seems like the reject, the black sheep in the flock. What are you even supposed to get as a gift? Most dads (pretend they) don’t like flowers or chocolate, which are pretty much staples for Mother’s Day. Frankly, maybe getting nothing as a gift isn’t so bad. Maybe letting them have the day off is enough. I mean, despite the fact that fathers don’t have to go through labor, or nurse infants, they still do a lot of work, and they deserve something. So next year, let’s try to remember to acknowledge their efforts – if only for one day.

– Will

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