There’s no denying that LGBT youth face…

photo courtesy The Safe Space

There’s no denying that LGBT youth face severe discrimination at the hands of their peers. Just consider how for many youth, gay is synonymous with bad (“That’s gay.”) The hope, however, is that more mature people are capable of understanding the plight of LGBT youth, especially those in crisis situations. New York City’s proposed budget cuts– which would halve the money spent on LGBT shelters- dashes this hope by offering the reduction of vital services to an unfairly persecuted group. The teens that would be affected by these cuts are already in danger based on ignorant bigotry, and if a shelter’s closing put them on the streets, they would be even worse off. Even though the National Runaway Switchboard can’t do anything about New York’s budgeting process, we can help those who call our hotline. If an LGBT shelter closes, we can help teens find a new one. If there aren’t any beds available, we can find another solution. Our access to resources and dedication to assisting callers allows us to find a fix to the toughest problems. A call to NRS is a call for help- one that will not be ignored.

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