Some people might think, “Summer!…

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Some people might think, “Summer! Time to party and have fun!” which is to an extent true. HOWEVER, we need to keep in mind that we want to stay safe while doing that –meaning no drinking illegally, drug abuse, or anything of that sort. There are plenty of ways to have an enjoyable summer that does not involve those activities. Traveling is a possible option, especially if you’re in a university that offers studying abroad — then you can kill two birds with one stone and get some credits while enjoying the scenery and meeting new people. For cheaper and local alternatives, maybe look into some skills you may be interested in picking up and see if you can do it over the summer either by teaching yourself with the resources online or joining a class. There are a lot of things you can do outdoors as well, considering it’s summer and the weather will mostly be nicer. Take a visit to the beach, have a picnic or barbecue, frolic at the park, or check for local festivals and join in the fun. I have a friend who is going to work on a farm — maybe start your own little garden? The options are unlimited, try one or many!

– Vivian

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