Admit it – these guys made you more accepting of people with hangers for…

Admit it – these guys made you more accepting of people with hangers for hats.

On the surface, District 9 is just a really good movie about aliens. But look a tiny bit deeper, and it’s a hugely political film about discrimination, poverty, bureaucracy, and xenophobia. I think almost everything thought up by humans, whether it’s books, movies, television shows, or this very blog post, inevitably absorbs and releases some sort of political inclination. When I say everything, though, I mean everything. Not just made-for-adult entertainment. What is the purpose of “Teletubbies”, if not the advocating of being friends with those of all colors and all strange-things-atop-the-head? Realizing that the sitcom you watch is making a statement that extends past humor and into the political arena allows you to judge the statement, see whether you agree, and maybe shift your views if the show convinces you. Being unaware that a statement is being made could diminish the value in your entertainment and lessen its importance. Next time you see a movie; try to identify what parallels you can draw with the real world. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for what’s really in a movie, along with a stronger and more informed set of views.

– Will

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