Now that it’s over, can I get…

photo courtesy flickr user wherever i roam

Now that it’s over, can I get this off my chest? Are fireworks really that great? Does watching the same thing again and again for 18 minutes, followed by the same thing really fast for 2 more minutes, equate with happiness? I guess I can see the allure of light shows, but at a certain point marvel morphs into monotony. On Sunday, biking home from work, there was a massive traffic jam filled with people returning from the beach after having watched the firework show. I know, I know- to each his own, but really, it seemed like way too much trouble for a loud and repetitive phenomenon. Plus, does anyone have trouble justifying the spending of millions of taxed dollars on something that could hardly be more trivial? People complain about their taxes all the time, but when stared in the face with a waste of money on explosive entertainment, they seem pretty mute.

– Will

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