Teens doing drugs is a horrible thing…

photo courtesy flickr user lordkhan

Teens doing drugs is a horrible thing and is such a good topic to talk about. I am really against teens or anyone for that matter over dosing on drugs or doing it every single day. It is stupid for them to do it in the first place. People who do drugs every day can and may get addicted. That is the sad part. Once someone is addicted they can’t stop. They want more and more. Then one day they end up in the hospital being forced to go to rehab. The withdrawal symptoms are unbelievable. According to the National Teen and Drug Survey about 62 percent of teens say more kids are using marijuana at school than in the past. That is a shockingly huge number. It may be right because the media and other kids show off to and make drug use look cool. The only way for drug use to go down in my opinion is to get the right education and make the right choices.

– Tatiana

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