Learning from mistakes is one of the biggest lessons…

Help for LQBTQ youth

Learning from mistakes is one of the biggest lessons we’re taught growing up. It’s acceptable to err, so long as you use the experience to grow and make better decisions. Somehow, this simple, sensible view hasn’t translated to the global scale. Persecution based on arbitrary delineations- color, religion, ethnicity- has continued to occur year after year, century after century, for nearly all of our existence. One might be tempted to say that as civilization advances, such atrocities regress. But in fact, the treatment of LGBTQ throughout the world illustrates that such a view is ignorant and detrimental to the crusade against discrimination. By pretending that all things are alright, we can’t fix the things that aren’t. The National Runaway Switchboard is a big force behind the movement to help LGBTQ youth. By providing resources like counseling and shelters, specifically catered to this population group, NRS is working to specialize and deliver needed services. Calling NRS can give you, or anyone else, a person to talk to, a place to stay, and a plan for the future.

– Will

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