There is a new show called “Huge”…

This girl does NOT want to be at fat camp.

There is a new show called “Huge” on ABC Family. It’s about overweight teens going to a fat camp. There is one girl especially who would rather not be there. She loves how she looks and doesn’t want to change just because the media shows all those skinny girls. I haven’t watched the show but it looks very powerful. I have never seen a TV show like this ever. You never see an overweight star of the show happy to be the way she is. You either see them down on themselves or a skinny star. The media is always putting the star as a skinny pretty girl. It obviously teaches young girls that being skinny and a certain pretty is what they have to be. With the show “Huge” it can and probably will change everything. Girls or boys will be able to relate to the show and maybe get their self confidence to rise. That is what it is supposed to be about – teens being secure to be who they want to be.

– Tatiana