It’s pretty easy to write off Congress…

photo courtesy flickr user lecercle

It’s pretty easy to write off Congress as a slow-moving and ineffective body of government. Since new laws usually can’t please everyone, inevitably a large section of the population feels they are underrepresented. Sometimes, though, an issue comes up that has bipartisan support. This week, a new bill was introduced, one that it’s hard to be against. The Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act of 2010, a complicated title, has pretty simple aims. It would increase aid and resources for victims of crimes like human trafficking, while punishing perpetrators more severely. Human trafficking is a really gruesome crime because people, and in this case minors, are taken, often given drugs, and sold like products, all against their will. The Act will commit $45 million to helping this severe problem, and while money will by no means fix everything, it will help create awareness of, assistance for, and a solution for human trafficking.

– Will

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