If you Chicagoans have ventured outside in the past couple…

Car go boom

If you Chicagoans have ventured outside in the past couple weeks, you’ve most likely heard, seen, or been delayed by the filming of the new Transformers movie. The helicopter, with the strange orb structure on its nose, flies endlessly around downtown. There’s rubble and mashed-up cars on the streets, and if you get lucky you’ll spot Shia LaBeouf doing something or other. It’s incredible to me the effort that goes into making a movie. Granted, Transformers is especially difficult to make, given the explosions, massive machine battles, and what not, but the fact that they spend massive amounts of money to make a one minute scene that will be forgotten an hour after the movie is watched seems, well, pointless, if not counterproductive. I’m definitely aware that this stance is pretty party-poop-esque, and that movie producers only spend this money because they think they’ll make it back. At the same time, nobody thinks Transformers 3 will be some legendary film. Rather, the thought is that it may make a lot of money in a short period of time. If they think destroying an extra few cars will fill seats, that’s up to them. But in my view, that wastefulness is counterproductive for everyone.

– Will