We live in an age of technology. Scrapbooking has been…

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We live in an age of technology. Scrapbooking has been replaced with Facebooking. Photos are no longer protected by plastic protectors but passwords for online photo albums.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment and to live in it without thinking about the consequences from simple actions, like sharing a photo on the web. I have moved into the age of the internet with extreme caution. Whenever I decide to share information via the internet (especially via social networking), I remind myself that whatever I will post can linger on the internet FOREVER. It has become very common for young adults (particularly young girls) to post racy photos of themselves on their social network pages. It has also become common for online predators to find these pictures and exploit these photos without any knowledge of those in the pictures. Sharing photos online can be scary business if you’re not using extreme caution of how and to whom you’re sharing them with.

It’s important to put privacy filters on your pictures and only allow friends (those who you actually know and trust) to have access to your profile, especially to personal information and pictures. Another option is to consider whether to post a picture online or just save it for yourself.

– Dyanne

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  • i think kids should not be posting pictures because there are predators out there wanting to hurt you if they found out your real name address or other private things then you will be hurt so please take care of your children watchout for them and look what they are posting.