Many of them you can use from the moment of conception to long after giving birth.

Resources for Pregnant Teenagers

There are resources for pregnant teenagers available! Many of them you can use from the moment of conception to long after giving birth.

Monitoring the mother’s health is vital to ensure a healthy pregnancy and it’s even more crucial for teen moms. If you are living at home with your family, there are pregnancy and family counseling services available for you and your family to help cope with the change. In addition to counseling services, there are community programs that offer parenting courses and support groups.
If you are homeless, there are youth shelters that provide housing only to pregnant and parenting teen mothers. The availability of resources may vary based upon your location. In addition to contacting us at 1-800-RUNAWAY (1-800-786-2929), here is a list of some resources that may also be helpful:

American Pregnancy Helpline – 1-866-942-6466

Birthright International – 1-800-550-4900

Planned Parenthood – 1-800-230-7526

Your local Department of Human Services

– Dyanne

Worried about what to do next? We are here to listen and to help.

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  • Guest

    I am pregnant and if you can give me resources and help I would love it

  • Jasmine

    Hi I’m 17 with a 2month old daughter was wondering if I could move out without parents permission in the state of florida!?

  • 1800RUNAWAY

    Hi, Jasmine. Thank you for reading our blog and for contacting us. It sounds like you are in a very difficult situation. We are here to listen and to help. our youth crisis call center liners can listen to your needs, help you create a plan of action for your next move, and direct you to resources in your area. We ask that you please give us a call at 1-800-RUNAWAY, or send us an email or use our chat function on our website, 1800RUNAWAY.ORG. We hope to hear from you soon.

  • susana pinedo

    Hello my name is Susana, I am 17 years old 6 months till I am 18. I may be pregnant and I want to move in with my boyfriend,but legally. I don’t want much stress or drama to occur even though for sure there will be. My boyfriend and I were thinking of getting married but I don’t have my identification with me since my mother gave my papers to hide to one of her friends and I don’t know how to talk to her for all I know she will shame me. And well my relationship with her won’t improve much. I was wondering with having her sign a paper giving me permission to move in with my boyfriend,would that be all I need for right now to make it safe?

  • Hi Susana! We are glad you reached out during this stressful time. NRS is here to listen, here to help. Please contact our crisis service center by calling 1-800-RUNAWAY, emailing or live chatting at NRS is always open, 24/7/365 with caring people who want to help you come up with a plan.
    -NRS Communications Team