I believe I have the solution to our economic slump. Two words: Hannah Montana.

Economically speaking the United States isn’t in the best shape, but I believe I have the solution to our economic slump. I have two words: Hannah Montana. A new Hannah Montana movie is in theaters and I for one am hoping for a huge turnout. The last movie with Hannah Montana was just a concert and it brought in some big bucks. Is there any better way to stimulate the economy than having mobs of teenage girls purchasing tickets for a G-rated movie? I had this same hope for the Jones Brothers movie, but it didn’t do as great at the box office. Hannah Montana is our last hope to boost the economy because if this movie does well then it can open the doors for the early release of other moneymaking movies like the next Twilight movie. So please, I beg you to buy a ticket and spread the word to encourage youngsters to go watch the movie. It’s a win-win situation, people can enjoy a nice, family film and help our country in one easy step.   – Ruben


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