Fly the Flag!
Flag Day is…

Flag Day - National Runaway Safeline

Photo courtesy: Jonathon Colman (Flickr)

Fly the Flag!

Flag Day is traditionally celebrated during the week of June 14th, National Flag Week. Personally, I don’t celebrate it and I barely notice it being celebrated in my neighborhood though I guess there must be some people out there who celebrate it. It was originally┬ámeant to celebrate the adoption of the flag, which, apparently no one really remembers when anymore. People remember July 4th — the day America officially adopted the Declaration of Independence, but Flag Day, what I see as a part of this symbol for independence, seems to be forgotten. It feels like a lot of traditions have been forgotten, or made less important as time passes. Even within other cultures, a similar phenomenon can be observed as they place emphasis on certain traditions more than others and through generations, those emphasized will be kept but those less emphasized are likely to be forgotten. So let us fly our flags during that week and perhaps keep some of our historical events remembered?

– Vivian


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