Are we going too far?

You may or may not have heard of the movie Splice but most of us should be aware of the presence of genetically modified foods and the whole idea of genetic engineering.

The movie Splice is about the creation of hybrid animals and eventually experimentation with human DNA in these hybrid animals. Currently, science is messing with mostly plant DNA and sometimes slightly alterations of animal DNA, but who knows, maybe one day what happened in Splice will be an area of study with the current advances in technology. But aren’t we going too far?

Of course, technology has made our lives much easier and if genetically modified foods are proven to be safe and stable, it could potentially provide a new food source allowing us to feed more people. However, the dangers definitely could exist. Maybe some deadly monster won’t result from the experimentation like in Splice, but we could be creating new animals that may disrupt natural food chains or introduce new genetic makeups that could increase vulnerability to disease.

Personally, I have mixed feelings toward the advancements in technology especially in the field of genetics; how about the rest of you?

– Vivian


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