After a 49 year drought, success is hard to come…

Chicago Blackhawks at the White House

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

After a 49 year drought, success is hard to come by. But for the Chicago Blackhawks, one year shy of half a century without a Stanley Cup victory, it proved to be just enough.

During their run through the season and playoffs, more and more Chicagoans got into hockey. By the time their plane landed last Friday back in Chicago after winning it all in Philadelphia, it seemed like every Chicagoan was proud of the team. It’s pretty incredible how something which seems trivial- a bunch of guys ice skating?- could create such a strong camaraderie amongst people in this town. The day after their win, the atmosphere was abuzz, and Blackhawks shirts were common sights.

The Chicago Blackhawks now get to bask in the glory, keep the Cup for a year, using it for whatever purposes they see fit.

– Will


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