With sites like Ebay and…

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Photo courtesy of Bakhyt Baimentayev (Flickr)

With sites like Ebay and Paypal, it has become increasingly easy to start your own business or store online. With your own domain or website, you can put up images of your products and have people pay for their order via Paypal without even using Ebay or similar sites. It’s quite convenient. Things like clothes, electronics, books, and even food products can be found online for sale. However, it is also easier to get scammed for merchandise that you might not necessarily get. Some sellers are just not the honest type. Of course, with the increased use of the internet for shopping purposes, it is hard to completely eliminate this chance but several tips can help you decrease chances of being one of the victims. Try to check the reputation of the seller, either through reviews or amount of successful trades — granted, they can leave fake comments but it doesn’t harm to check. If the site looks shady, you should probably stay away. Also, remember to read the policies on the site you are purchasing from, some bigger sites do cover losses under certain conditions. Internet shopping is all fun and all until what’s paid for doesn’t get there. And to sellers, try and be honest.

– Vivian


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