Gender-based expectations and…

Male Pedicures | National Runaway Safeline

Photo courtesy of Amy the Nurse (Flickr)

Gender-based expectations and disqualifications are frustrating: Why aren’t I allowed to like pink? Purses look so convenient! Tiny dogs that I can hold in my arms? Count me in. Most of all, I really want a pedicure. I can deal with my hands – they’re perfectly located for grooming. But my feet- my feet are a good four feet away from access, and as such are nearly impossible to take care of. Unless I want to contort myself into previously unimaginable positions, I have to sacrifice the joy of having beautiful feet. The problem is that I know no man who gets a pedicure. My mom does, my sister does- but my dad’s feet are more talon than skin. The expression “man up” seems especially paradoxical when it involves doing something seemingly feminine, which only adds to my anxiety. If I “man up” to do something regarded as womanly, that should balance out, right? My only hope is that, like cooking, gardening, and other highly enjoyable activities, pedicures will morph into gender-neutral foot perfection operations.

– Will


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