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Donna Simpson Attempts to Become World's Heaviest Woman | Lifestyle Choices

Photo courtesy of James Ambler (New York Post)

Lifestyle Choices and Choosing to be Overweight

A woman in New Jersey is striving to become the world’s heaviest – meaning she will be intentionally putting on weight until she gets the “title.” Now, we all know people who are striving to be skinny because that’s the society’s “norm” and there are studies showing the benefits of not being overweight. However, this woman chooses to go against this and go for being overweight instead. Is this a proper choice?

There are already many people bashing her about her decision. Although I have nothing against people who decide to stay slightly overweight instead of going for the stick-skinny, rather, I think that’s perfectly fine. The action mentioned in the article seems to be a bit unneeded. I think the way she is purposefully sacrificing her health despite knowing the issues that may come along the weight and food intake is unnecessary. She also has children. As a role model as opposed to the stick-skinny models, is it still a good idea?

– Vivian


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