School is Out! Onto a New Chapter

School is Out - National Runaway Safeline

Photo courtesy of Graela (Flickr)

School is Out! Onto a New Chapter

The process of ending the school year is a tough one. Cleaning out one’s locker, finding a lunch left from September, trying to decide whether it’s safe to touch a banana that smells like that. Finding textbooks, scotch-taping torn pages back together, erasing pencil markings. Signing yearbooks, not knowing quite what to write, drawing pictures instead. It’s all part of a drawn-out series of events that is prolonged by the expectation of summer. As it finishes, it seems like the school year flew by, when in reality I can distinctly remember several times when I thought this moment would elude me forever. Regardless, I’ll keep some really good memories from this year, and I still have another one left. Hopefully, it’ll be one in which I remember to dispose of all my comestibles before they grow rotten.

– Will


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