Our home phone has been…

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Photo courtesy of Marshall Douglis


Our home phone has been mischievous lately. Ignoring incoming calls, failing to ring, deciding to end conversations at key junctures. Because of this, I had to call our service provider’s hotline. After being on hold for 30 minutes, during which I was subjected to bongo-generated music, I spoke to a customer assistant. The guy ended up solving the problem, but was not what you would call anything near cheerful. Okay, maybe not surly, but definitely someone just getting in the hours. At the National Runaway Switchboard, over one hundred volunteers come in because of their desire to assist people in any ways possible. There’s no speaking to anyone who wants to get you off the line or go on lunch break. The crisis liners are there out of a desire to be helpful, and this is the reason for the doggedness with which they pursue solutions for anybody who needs one.

– Will


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