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Festivals in the Summer | Summer Festivities in Chicago

Photo courtesy of Christopher Gribbin (Flickr)

Summer Festivities in Chicago

With the arrival of summer and warmer weather comes the increase in outdoor activities.

This is further amplified by the variety of events here in Chicago. During the summer, many festivals are held all around Chicago — I was personally at the Blues Fest last Saturday. There are a variety of music festivals for different genres so check online or look around and you might find one right for you [some may require an entrance fee/passes while others might not].

A well-known festive event during Chicago summers is Taste of Chicago with a gathering of food vendors and performances. There is no entry fee though if you do want a “taste of Chicago” in terms of food, you might want to bring some money to try things out. There are also art fairs where DIY artists display and sell their products, dance festivals, and “Movies in the Parks.” So check out your local festivals and then get out and explore!

– Vivian


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