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Teen Pregnancy and the Rhythm Method

A new study highlighted a growing choice many teens are making: trying to time sex to avoid pregnancy, while disregarding the benefits of birth control aids. Basically, teenagers are deciding to risk pregnancy by using the “rhythm method,” where they try to only have sex on days when they are least likely to become pregnant. The teen birth rate, which had dropped through the 90’s and up until 2005, is no longer falling. As more risky attitudes about sex prevail, the dangers of unsafe sex are rising. It’s not just choices teens make, either- it’s the mentality that causes them. When asked about their opinion on whether it’s alright for an unmarried girl to have a baby, 64% of boys and 70% of girls thought it was. These attitudes aren’t bad because they advocate sex. They’re bad because they can easily lead to a situation that isn’t reversible. Leaving your options open, despite inconveniences, is worth the trouble.

– Will


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