Summer Solstice – The Official Beginning…

Summer Solstice - Official Beginning of Summer

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Sean

Summer Solstice – The Official Beginning of Summer

Although some of us have started to enjoy summer activities already, as far as astronomy is concerned, June 21st at 7:28 A.M. EDT was the “official” start of summer for the year of 2010 in the Northern Hemisphere. It is referred to as the Summer Solstice.

On this day which is commonly referred to as Midsummer, there is the longest period of daylight in the year and the sun technically peaks at 7:28 A.M. and stays longer than usual. In various cultures, this day is celebrated for different reasons. Some believe it symbolized a sign of fertility, while others see it as a time of magic and celebrations vary from culture to culture. The most notable celebration is at Stonehenge where people gather to watch the sunrise of this day.

Personally, we don’t celebrate it in my family though there appears to be a celebration of my culture for this day though I was awake to witness the sunrise. Rise and shine!

– Vivian


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