You can pretty much do anything…

What Texting Won't Do - National Runaway Safeline

Photo courtesy of CassMariePinto (Flickr)

You can pretty much do anything with texting.

You can Google, make purchases, donate money, and have inappropriate photographic interactions. But what you can’t do – what is not nearly as effective – is get help in a serious situation. In the Why They Run Report, 80% of teens say they want to talk to someone to gauge how much they can trust them. This makes sense; it’s harder to trust pixels than a real human voice. It’s not easy to always have a person at the ready to help in complicated situations, but the National Runaway Safeline does it. Twenty-four hours a day, every day, there is someone who is able to have meaningful and helpful interactions with anyone who calls. Through volunteers and staff, NRS makes sure that whenever someone needs a voice they can trust, not just a collection of words on the screen, there is a place they can turn.

– Will


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