Sometimes, a confidential phone call…

How to Stay Anonymous When Contacting the National Runaway Safeline

Photo courtesy of Dick Vos (Flickr)

Sometimes, a confidential phone call isn’t anonymous for someone.

Maybe they’re shy, or unsure if information is really kept secret, or just don’t feel like speaking to someone. In case that happens, the Bulletin Boards on the National Runaway Switchboard’s website offer a useful alternative to a phone conversation.

On the Bulletin Boards, visitors can ask questions or talk about important, meaningful topics- family relationships, school issues, parenting. The Bulletin Boards offer a means of communication that lets users feel able to put out exactly what they want to say.

Sometimes a phone call can cause emotions that make it hard to express yourself. Talking online, however, allows someone to plan and write exactly what they mean, without the worry of a live interaction. NRS is all about finding the best ways to help, and by providing a relaxed atmosphere in which people can get answers, share stories, and find empathy, NRS continues to do its job – and do it well.

– Will


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