How to Handle Peer Pressure
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How to handle peer pressure | National Runaway Safeline

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How to Handle Peer Pressure

A lot of times we end up doing something because someone else said we should or the fear of no longer being accepted by your peers causes you to do as they say. Peer pressure can go both ways. Here are some tactics on how to handle peer pressure.

Peer pressure can lead to drug usage, alcohol consumption, or gang involvement if you hang out with a “wrong” crowd which could have potentially fallen in the same situation of being pressured before. Who says you have to listen to them? If they’re trying to make you do something you don’t want to do or things you know will affect your future negatively, they are probably not the friends you should be listening to. Stay to your own values and beliefs. Peer pressure can also do some good, if used for other cases. For instance, study groups can be a good thing to be pressured into as it could help improve your performance in school by causing you to study, which, I’ll have to admit is not my favorite thing to do. Use your best judgment.

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