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Homeless Students Need a Place to Come Home to | National Runaway Safeline

Photo courtesy of Aris Vrakas (Flickr)

We never know how grateful we are until we lose or don’t have something. Some kids don’t even have a home to go after school.

Homeless children are on the rise especially in places like the Ozarks. In a school district in the Ozarks, there were between 350 and 400 reported homeless students. One reason for this is because of a lack of consistency in where the students attend school.

Many homeless students decide to skip school or they are moved to a different shelter and keep moving from school to school. It can be hard for the students because they can feel like an outcast at each new school.

The school district is trying to help by transporting the students and giving school supplies to them as well. The issue is that Ozarks isn’t the only city with a lot of homeless.

Homeless teens and kids are everywhere and it is a rising issue that needs to be addressed. There is always a way to help.

– Tatiana


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