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Teen Gun Violence | At-Risk Youth

Photo by Oliver Grove / PYMCA / Rex Features ( 786285A ). (Flickr)

Violence is rising in the world. It is really sad that some people solve their problems by violence. Teens are also involved with a lot of gun violence.

Homicide is the second leading cause of death among teens or young people. Father’s day weekend there was about 50 people shot in Chicago. Then on Fourth of July, there was a teen shot on the same street as where I used to live. My mom still works near the crime scene. Hearing about these things on the news is very sad. Many people had a long life ahead of them and it was cut short in an instant. Teens involved with violence nowadays make it even sadder. The reason is because of entertainment, such as movies, makes violence seem cool. That causes the American culture to go down to the drain and our parents won’t ever know where they went wrong. That is why we need to fix the future and a random act of kindness may help.

– Tatiana


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