I bike most places, and usually it’s…

Misconceptions about Throwaways

photo courtesy of NutMegMae (Flickr)

I bike most places, and usually it’s a great way to get around. Admittedly, you can get pretty sweaty, but for most events there’s a way to make things work. The worst part, though, is the weird misconceptions drivers have about bikers. Many drivers assume that because they’ve encountered merely one reckless biker in the past, by rule that makes you and all other bikers dangerous. Mainly, I encounter these hostilities when being honked at (in some cases yelled at) by drivers who don’t think bikers should be on the road. What this reminds me of is the misconceptions people have about runaways. I think the images people have are varied, but almost always inaccurate. Even worse, the term runaway implies somebody ran away by their own accord, when sometimes the situation demanded they do so to protect themselves. Throwaways, kicked out of their homes, also tend to be lumped together with runaways. The best thing we can do to promote awareness and get help to youth in crisis is to understand who they are, where they’re coming from, and what they need.

– Will


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