Summer still has a ways to go, and yet…

Gotta learn another combination….

Summer still has a ways to go, and yet the arrival of August is like a Sunday morning during the school year. The realization and the tragedy inherent in the notion of just one more month of freedom is cringe-inducing. Feelings of foolishness abound for ever daring to revel in the joys of summer, when they are so fleeting. The thoughts of going back to school, even the idea of heading to a store to buy some supplies, is too much to bear. Seeing as this happens to me every year, I’m pretty used to the sense of aimlessness that accompanies my last thirty days of independence. It’s the anticipation, more than the ultimate event, that’s bad. I don’t mind school so much. But being forced to expect it soon is torture. Which brings me back to Sunday. No student can ever fully enjoy Sunday. It’s a day for feeling guilty about the half-baked assignment you did, or for not studying, or how you wasted your precious freedom. So, in this final stretch of school-free-existence, I’ll sadly pick up the myriad summer assignments I procrastinated on, do the least amount of work required, and dread September, the saddest month of all.

– Will