Even if your parents trust you and…

Disconnected Youth | Alone in  the House

Photo courtesy of Chelsey Felda (Flickr)

Even if your parents trust you and leave you at home, you can still feel like a disconnected youth

My parents left this weekend to go on the annual camping trip our family hosts. Since I’m working this year, I can’t attend – not a huge downer, actually. At least, it wasn’t at first, as I was free to leave dishes dirty, socks scattered, and A.C. ablaze. But really, once the euphoria of zero rules wears out, it’s kind of weird being alone.

The quiet turns more eerie than relaxing, the filth less carefree than disgusting. This is just another reminder of how tough it must be for some people to be disconnected from their parents. I mean, besides the dependency most youth have on their mothers and fathers to provide for them, just being estranged from them must be really tough.

I’m of the belief that what most consider normalcy is in fact really great fortune. A stable family life, rather than being trite, is an extraordinary thing to be a part of. Helping others try to achieve such stability, or finding solutions if they can’t, should be a major priority for those of us lucky enough to have found either already.

– Will


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