As we grow up, us teens deal with…

Peer Pressure and Childhood | National Runaway Safeline

Photo courtesy of Lethal Posters (Flickr)

As we grow up, us teens deal with a lot in our days.

Both good and bad things happen no matter what. We always have to get through it. Sometimes it may be hard but it always does end. But what happens if one day your friends are doing something dangerous. It can make a person uncomfortable. Then peer pressure starts to kick in. It makes you even more uncomfortable. I was in a situation like this. I was with two of my friends and they were doing something that wasn’t right. They asked me to join but I said no. I was uncomfortable with the situation because I knew it was wrong, but would have been awesome to do at the same time. I didn’t give into the pressure of my friends and I felt much better later. I may feel uncomfortable with a lot of situation but sometimes that feeling can help your judgment which is a good thing.

– Tatiana


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