The Dangers of…


Dangers of Oversharing on Social Media

Photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee (Flickr)

The Dangers of Oversharing on Social Media

These days all you hear about is Twitter and Facebook. Both are a hit with teens and even celebs. We all found out how Amanda Bynes retired from acting thanks to Twitter. She tweeted the news to everyone who is following her. It didn’t take long for the tabloids to find out. Then on Facebook we can learn everything there is to know about people and join every group possible. Facebook and Twitter can be a very dangerous thing though. People can find things out really quickly on Facebook or Twitter. It’s just a push of a few buttons and personal business is out there for the world to see. Even on Yahoo they are trying to give tips on how to make sure your personal info doesn’t get into the wrong hands like hackers. Also Facebook can be used for attacks against people. My high school had this issue and it was all over the news a couple days later. Besides that I think everyone should be careful what they put online. You never know who could be watching.

– Tatiana


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