A powerful three words or letters that can change a…

Listen to the condom

A powerful three words or letters that can change a person’s life.  It is shocking to find out that you of  all people have a STD. You thought to yourself that you would always be careful and always get tested. Then one day you go to the doctor because something is suspicious. A couple weeks later your doctor tells you that you have a STD. That happened to a friend of mine. Luckily she got one that could be cured. She was happy about that but wondered where in the world it came from. Her boyfriend was clean. She couldn’t think of any way that she could have caught it. She received the antibiotics for it and hopefully she will be cured. I’m really happy that she has a curable disease but not everyone is so lucky. Anyone can get an STD and it isn’t that hard. The next time you decide to have sex with someone you like make sure they are clean or at least wear protection.

– Tatiana