Think you really know someone because they’re in band? Think again.

I’ll admit that when I first tuned in to watch MTV’s newest show, “If You Really Knew Me”, I was more interest in hearing what tragedies plagued complete strangers. I know that it may not be the healthiest habit, but I’m a nosy person.

Halfway through the premiere episode I saw the true purpose of the show and the Challenge Day program. For those unfamiliar with this program, the entire event takes place in a high school gym in place of a regular school day, and students are asked to participate in exercises designed to unite students on a much deeper level than high school cliques. Jock, mean girl, nerd, band geek, and freak are commonplace labels associated with students and this segregation continues to be a staple in every high school across the country. What this show allows is for students to disregard cliques and realize that they are all people.

This may not seem like a huge realization, but in a world ruled by gossip and teasing seeing students, as people can be hard. I liked the show for really opening the students’ eyes to just how similar they all are outside the labels. In high school, everyone projects an image specifically for the purpose to hide any insecurities or troubles they may have, which can lead to insensitive behavior amongst teenagers. This program shows the wounds that teens have from their life outside of school and helps create a sanctuary at school. How would you finish this statement, “if you really knew me…” and would you be comfortable saying it in a room of your fellow students?

– Ruben