Summer television programming is awful, except apparently…

photo courtesy MTV Networks

Summer television programming is awful, except apparently “Pretty Little Liars”, which everyone and their mother seem to be watching out of pure desperation. Well, the bad news is that “PLL” had its summer finale, but the good news is that MTV has a healthier alternative. I’m talking about “True Life”, which is an oldie but a goodie. Those unfamiliar with the television show, it has to do with cameras following 2-3 young adults that all share similar lifestyles, problems, and journeys. It interesting to see other people’s lives and the different ordeals they face in everyday life. Another great thing about the show is that it gives the viewers someone to relate themselves to. Whatever problem, situation, or dilemma, this show has shined a light on it, which is great. Most people feel like they are the only one going through a specific situation, but they really aren’t alone. This show can help by just giving teens someone to relate to, and maybe even offers some solutions to their problems. If your parents embarrass you, if you’re living a double life, or if you hate your body, “True Life” has done an episode about it, so check it out.

– Ruben


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