There was an article I read recently about a documentary that dealt with…

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There was an article I read recently about a documentary that dealt with American families who have to live in motels or share housing with other families (in spite of apartment policies against it) because they can’t afford the rent.  I’ve experienced both in the past. We had lived with a kind woman who was willing to take us in without payment until we could afford housing of our own. We were forced to leave some time after, concerned as my parents were for the woman’s own situation, and survived in a motel. Soon after, we moved to a single room in a far away boarding house. This kind of home-searching went on for some time. I knew it wasn’t normal. Kids I knew in school didn’t flit from one place to another, with parents worrying always about where to sleep the next night. They didn’t have to be cramped together in a single room unfit for a family of four. They didn’t have to witness their parents fending off the suspicions of unsympathetic neighbors, unwary relatives. I’m very grateful that the situation wasn’t much worse than it was. I at least had a roof to shield me from the rain, and walls to keep me from the cold winter, even if I still shivered inside. But it’s something that no child should ever have to go through.

– Allyson


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