If you should find yourself in a…

photo courtesy flickr user angus_stewart

If you should find yourself in a situation that may lead to a fight, you should tell an adult or someone who can help resolve the problem. Pride is a deadly trait, it can bring you harm. You should never let any situation escalate to the point of fighting. Arguing is the yellow brick road to a fight. There are other ways to resolve a dispute. Engaging in a physical altercation is not the best way. When people fight there is no victor, we all take a loss. Just because someone wants to fight you does not mean you have to fight. “Cool heads prevail” you can kill them with kindness. Fighting does not solve a dilemma, it only creates them. Fighting is also very unpredictable, someone could be harmed, or even killed. Everyone does not fight fair. In the case of Derrion Albert, he had no idea that that fight would lead to his death. Every person out there that day could have avoided that situation by not letting it go that far. Its better to be safe than sorry.
– Elijah