April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month…

Photo from Flickr via Jesse Gardner

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) – and that means you might see a lot of teal online to help raise awareness.

SAAM seeks to start a conversation. In the first full month of spring, SAAM is doing more than just planting the seed for discussion around sexual behavior and health. SAAM is adding water, turning the soil, spreading the compost, and making sure the issue gets plenty of sunlight.

Overused seasonal imagery aside, SAAM is employing the strategy of promote and prevent. It promotes by encouraging “positive expressions of sexuality and healthy behavior,” with the intent to prevent sexual violence and “build safe, healthy relationships and communities.”

Equipped with the far-reaching arms of social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, SAAM is set to spread awareness and get the conversation rolling behind sexual assault. On its website, a list of pre-written tweets is available, each with a brief, unique message to move the conversation around sexual assault and positive sexual behavior. Show your support and don a teal ribbon. What can you do to start the conversation around sexual health in your community?


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