Don’t be scared. The National…


Changing Booths On The Beach

Photo from Flickr via Ian Junor

Don’t be scared. The National Runaway Switchboard is still the same crisis hotline, offering the same crisis intervention it always has. The phone still rings in our call center if you dial 1-800-RUNAWAY; a post to the bulletin board or a crisis email to our staff will still yield a response within two hours; and, the volunteers are still the heart of NRS. In addition, NRS volunteer liners are still available to talk via the live chat at, designed like any other instant-messenger program out there.

As declared in bold lettering on posters around the office, the heart of NRS is its volunteers and, to that end, volunteers continue to refine their skills for working in the call center. And to keep those volunteers appropriately equipped to help their callers and chatters, NRS’s nationwide database is constantly being updated, ensuring we always have accurate records of resources around the country.

Change isn’t so bad; in fact, we think it’s pretty good. And if the database is ever-evolving, shouldn’t the blog be, too? Well, it is a blog, and that’s our goal. Within the blog, we aim to embody the dynamic capabilities of NRS with a variety of content each week, keeping you posted on the goings-on at NRS, where to look for NRS in the rest of the world, and information about how we can help you with our services.