With May nearly here and the end of the school year…


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With May nearly here and the end of the school year approaching, it’s likely that prom is on the minds of many high school students. Besides anxiey about flashy gowns, bow ties, and wingtip shoes, expectations for what will happen after all the formal eating and dancing (or not dancing) may be more pressing.

What does every movie about prom focus on, in one way or another?

Ready for it?


For whatever reason – whether some kind of rite of passage or transition into adulthood is at play – prom and sex have been indelibly connected; and, it’s not just a potential for sex after prom that permeates high schools. It’s often a perceived pressure to have sex, especially if you’re a virgin. I’m not here to say whether or not prom-going teens should be having sex. Ultimately, that’s your decision, and safety is a major part of that choice. Like any decision, choosing to have sex comes with both benefits and risks.

Today is the last day of National STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Awareness Month, which promotes the use of safe practices when considering engaging sexually with another and the significance of being tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Check out Sex Etc. for ideas on staying safe, answers to questions you may have, and making informed decisions during this year’s prom season.

– Colin


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