NRS and Greyhound are partners in the Home Free program, which grants free Greyhound bus tickets to youth who have run away but wish to come home.

This is a video is one that explains the Home Free program from the National Runaway Safeline. Greyhound bus stations around the country post 1-800-RUNAWAY flyers and posters on their benches and in their windows to encourage youth who are trying to get home to call us. Featured in the video are compassionate and energetic supervisors who work in the call center at NRS, discussing the ins and outs of Home Free.

I won’t say too much – I don’t want to spoil the video – but here’s some starter-knowledge on the Home Free program. Greyhound Lines established it in 1987 and, in 1995, they partnered with the National Runaway Switchboard to make the program more effective. NRS took on the responsibility of issuing tickets to youth callers based on criteria set forth by Greyhound. It’s not a guaranteed ticket to everyone who calls, but it can certainly be explored. So, if you’re between the ages of 12 and 20, you’ve run away from home, and are now looking for a way back, Home Free might be an option.

– Colin

UPDATE: The Home Free program is now available to runaway youth up to age 21!

The Home Free program has expanded its eligibility to include youth victims of human trafficking and are also eligible for the program through age 21. The expansion supports universal recognition that runaway, homeless, at-risk and child welfare adjudicated youth are the highest risk group for exploitation. Expanding eligibility through age 21 further aligns the Home Free program with the service eligibility age ranges of many of the state and federally funded homeless youth housing programs. NRS maintains an extensive nationwide database of trafficking-related resources and social service providers.


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